Harry Parr

Harry Parr (UK)

Work Presented

  • Warwick Castle Victorian Breakfast 2007

Harry Parr is a member of the Bartlett Interactive Workshop, having previously studied architecture in Glasgow. He has recently founded his own practice, Bompas and Parr.

The currently the focus of their research is jelly: jelly is the perfect site for an examination of food and architecture due to its uniquely plastic form and the historic role it has played in exploring notions of taste.

Current projects include:

2008 Architectural Jelly for the London Festival of Architecture: project exploring the relationship between jelly and architecture. A jelly mould design competition and workshops will lead to the creation of 2000 jellies which will form part of a jelly banquet to be held in UCL’s grand portico. Choreographed performers will transform the observer’s perception of the space and create a wobbling, and consumable, jelly world.

2007 Warwick Castle Victorian Breakfast.

Pask Present - Färbergasse 6, A-1010 Wien || Curated by Richard Brown, Stephen Gage and Ranulph Glanville.